Installation - Vite.js


1 Create a project

Create a new Vite.js + Vue.js application using the npm init command below or using the Vite.js guide, and follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard.

npm init vue my-vue-app

cd my-vue-app

npm install
2 Install Inkline

Inkline will automatically detect your Vite.js development environment and generate a basic configuration for your application.

npx inkline init

Using the Inkline CLI command above, Inkline has:

  • Created or updated your vite.config.ts file
  • Created your inkline.config.ts file
  • Updated your src/main.ts file
  • Updated your package.json file

If you want to set up Inkline manually, read the Manual Installation guide.

3 Enjoy using Inkline

Awesome work! You can now start using all the features that Inkline has to offer.